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Email Marketing Tools and Tips


We have been helping clients with their email marketing programs for a long time. In this time, we have compiled various tools to improve email programs. Take our years of experience and improve your email program with our list of tools. 

We also included good resources from other websites to learn more about email marketing.

How to improve your email program

Trim the fat by deleting emails that are spam or wrong emails. 

  • It’s hard to delete 10% of your database, but you will see a great benefit if it’s justified. Use to check invalid emails, spam traps, or fake emails.
  • This is the first step to help your sender reputation score, which is vital as email providers see this and decide if your email goes to spam or your inbox. 
  • Here is a good article on how to improve email deliverability.

Segment your audience

  • It’s best to segment your email list and send each segment different messages. Don’t blast one email to all your database, as this will increase the chances of users unsubscribing from your email program.
  • To further reinforce this message, think about how much it costs to acquire one email on average. Now take that dollar amount and apply it to each unsubscribe. A weekly loss of $500 hurts more than saying we had 15 unsubscribes this week. Always think that each email is costing you money if your user unsubscribes. This will motivate you to take the time to segment your email program properly. 

Keep your emails short with a strong call to action.

Don’t write novels in your emails. Consider an email as an ad whose only purpose is to drive your customer to the landing page via a strong call to action. You will increase your chances of selling a service to your customer if they reach your service/product landing page.

Test your subject lines

One of the most common issues is people not even opening your email. This is why you have to write clever subject lines to grab users’ attention to entice them to open your email.

Test sending times

Usually, you will get mass deleted if you send emails in the early morning. There’s a higher chance of a reader opening your email during lunch or after work during their commute. 

Track performance

Make sure you track what people click on in your email and how they convert on your landing page, so you continue to refine that channel.

Helpful Email Tools

 We compiled a list of email tools we have used in the past, and some were recommended to us by email experts. We broke them down by category.

Email Creative Example Tools

Tools to look at a variety of emails from various brands for email inspiration. 

Check your sender score and email placement. 

Subject line testing this is one of the most popular tools to test subject lines. They are probably not meant for a small business as they are expensive, but if you have the funds definitely worth trying their platform. 

Cleaning your email list -This tool is made by Freshaddress, and it will help you see if you have invalid emails, spam trap emails, or fake emails. This is where you should start, as the cleaner your email list is, the better for your reputation.

Email tools for analytics and email rendering

  • – This tool is good for email rendering previews and also has some analytics data. Best of all, you can try it for free. We used this in the past, and it saved us a lot of time when checking how emails are rendered on different systems like Gmail, outlook, apple mail, etc. Also, the analytics portion is a nice added bonus.
  • – a similar tool to litmus but with a little more functions. We have never used this tool, but it has good useful features at a lower cost than most platforms out there. 
  • – another tool to try. We have never used it, but it has a free trial, and you can test their analytics platform to see if you get good insights from your users. 

Postmaster tools

As always, if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above, email me at, and I will try to answer your questions as best I can.